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Parents are naturally concerned about their children leaving home and travelling far away, but allowing your child to study in the United States will help them mature and become responsible adults.

Will my son/daughter face discrimination as a Muslim in the U.S.?

The U.S. is a cultural melting pot and has many ethnicities. There are students from all corners of the globe in all colleges. Generally, students are friendly and open to ideas and cultural diversity and do not ask personal questions about religious affiliations.

What happens during the airport security check?

There is strict security at most US airports and everyone is expected to follow regulations to ensure the safety of all traveling passengers. If you are randomly selected for a secondary security check, please comply with grace and patience.

What protection is available on campus for students?

Universities are very particular about campus safety and have special security professionals assigned for this purpose. International students are given safety information during orientation and can call the campus security help line at any time.

Can my child commute safely on public transport?

The public transport system in the U.S. is cheap, safe, and convenient, and is used by students and commuters extensively.

What are the safety arrangements in student dorms in the U.S.?

University dorms are situated on college premises or close by and have all the basic amenities. Most colleges are monitored by security personnel 24 hours and there are several points on campus where students can make emergency calls.

What happens if my child is unwell?

Health insurance is compulsory for all students in the U.S. Most universities have convenient access to nearby hospitals and emergency services. In addition, many campuses have well-equipped basic medical facilities.

What happens in case of an accident?

In case of an accident or an emergency, the student should call 911 emergency services for immediate help.

What happens if my child is under stress and needs help?

The medical facilities on campus offer counseling and psychiatric services. The students also have access to peer support.

What if my child has cultural adjustment issues?

Most colleges provide students opportunities to mix with other international and local students through activity clubs, fraternities and cultural associations. These experiences and interactions help them adjust to the new environment.

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