Dr. Christopher N. Steel's Profile

Dr. Christopher N. Steel is a Board Member of the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan and the Director of the Office of Education at USAID/Pakistan, overseeing the Agency's bilateral investment in basic and higher education. Prior to his arrival to Islamabad in August 2016, Steel served as the Deputy Director of Health, Education, and Regional HIV at USAID/Guatemala (2014-2016); Basic Education Officer at USAID/Afghanistan (2013- 2014); and as the Education and Youth Development Officer at USAID/Kenya (2011-2013).

Before joining the diplomatic service, Steel was a Fulbright Fellow in Quito, Ecuador where he led a multi-country civic education research project; a consultant to Education For All at UNESCO in Paris, France; and a faculty member in the Strategic Data Project at the Center for Educational Policy Research at Harvard University. Prior to international work, Mr. Steel served for 11 years in K-12 public education in the U.S. as a teacher, principal, and director. He holds a Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master’s degree from Harvard University, and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Scranton.

Dr. Christopher N. Steel
Director, USAID Office of Education & USEFP Board Member




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