13th Annual Fulbright & Humphrey Alumni Conference


Conference Venue

Higher Education Commission
Head Office, Sector H-9, East Service Road, Islamabad
Auditorium (Directions)


Conference Program

Friday, December 2, 2016

Time Event
1400 - 1500
1500 - 1520

Inaugural Session:

U.S. Embassy Guest

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed

Chairman, Higher Education Commission

Ms. Rita Bruun Akhtar

Executive Director, USEFP

1520 - 1545
Tea Break
1545 - 1700

Session 1: Language


Chair: Ms. Christina Tomlinson, Counselor Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy


1. Cultural and Ideological Discourses Promoted in the English Language Textbooks in Pakistan, Dr. Habibullah Pathan

2. To use or not to use: The Role of Mother Tongue in English Medium Education, Dr. Liaquat Channa

3. Soft Power of Punjabi: Language in the Domains of Pleasure, Dr. Tariq Rahman


1700 - 1830
Film screening: The Journey Within (the Coke Studio origin story) - by Mian Adnan Ahmad
1900 - 2030


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Time Event
0845 - 0900
0900 - 1045

Session 2: Higher Education


Chair: Dr. Christopher Steel, Director, USAID office of Education


1. Higher Education in Pakistan: Challenges in a Global Era Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh

2. The dilemmas of a foreign qualified Ph.D. researcher: a qualitative critical assessment of public and private sector universities of Pakistan, Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Pervez

3. Fight Against Terrorism and Violence: Education as an Ally of Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Muazzam Sharif

4. Culture of Learning in Pakistan: myth or fact? Ms. Saima Yawar

5. University Rankings: Meaningless Metrics, Ms. Rita Bruun Akhtar


1045 - 1100
Tea Break
1100 - 1145
Keynote Address - Why I am optimistic about Pakistan by Dr. Umar Saif, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology University, and Chairman, Punjab Information Technology Board
1145 - 1300

Session 3: Art & Culture


Chair: Ms. Linda Alper, U.S. Fulbright Scholar


1. Oral Narratives: Chronicles of Fulbright & Humphrey Alumni Through the Decades, Mr. Vaqas Arshad & Dr. Eefa Tabassum

2. Broadway to Bandar Road: Comedy for Change in Pakistan, Mr. Shehzad Ghias


1300 - 1345
1345 - 1500

Session 4: Environment


Chair: Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor, SMIU, Karachi


1. The Climate Change Conference in Paris, Ms. Amber Ajani

2. Scope of Renewables in Pakistan, Ms. Hadia Sajjad

3. The Kashmir Catfish and the Dam, Mr. Hassan Bukhari

4. E-Waste Recycling and its Impact on Health and Environment in Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Jawad Khan


1500 - 1515
Tea Break
1515 - 1630

Session 5: Governance and Public Policy


Chair: Ms. Arifa Saboohi, Director General, Civil Services Academy


1. Building Bridges: Breaking Out of the Box, Ms. Kanwal Ali & Ms. Zainab Mahmood

2. The Importance of Learning (some) International Relations Theory for Diplomats, Mr. Haseeb Bin Aziz


1630 - 1745

Session 6: Law and Order


Chair: Ambassador (Retired) Muhammad Ayaz Wazir


1. History of Judiciary in Pakistan, Mr. Ravi Pinjani

2. Pakistani, Women Rights and the Clergy - a Case Study of the Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act 2016, Ms. Amna Rashid

3. Enforcement of Contracts and the Pakistani Courts: the Need for Greater Reliance on Liquidated Damages, Mr. Umar Rashid


Depart for Marriot Hotel (Marquee Hall)
Oscar Winner Documentary Screening "The Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness" - by Haya Fatima Iqbal, Fulbright alumna, Filmmaker
PUAN Team Introduction
PUAN Grants Success Stories
PUAN Chapters Work
PAS Senior Official Remarks
Networking Dinner


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Time Event
0845 - 0900
0900 - 0940
Networking Session

Fulbright & Humphrey Alumni Association - Chapters Introduction

0940 - 1000
Social Impact Team

1000 - 1100

Session 7: Health, Disabilities and Drug Abuse


Chair: Dr. Syed Iqbal Raza, Former Joint Executive Director PIMS


1. Improving Quality of Healthcare for Mothers and Children in Sindh - patiently! Dr. Farid Midhet

2. Improvements in Health Sector in Punjab and the Science of Delivery, Mr. Aneeq Cheema

3. Diagnosis: the Gamification of Mental Illness, Mr. Haider Shishmahal

4. Sakoongah: A Female-friendly Women's Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Islamabad, Ms. Asia Ashraf

5. A Transition from the Margins to Mainstream - Persons of Disabilities in Pakistan, Ms. Samar Naqvi


1100 - 1115
Tea Break
1115 - 1215

Session 8: Gender


Chair: Ms. Maureen Y. Mimnaugh, Deputy Cultural Affairs Officer


1. Girls at Dhabas, Ms. Atiya Abbas

2. Female Education in Gilgit-Baltistan - a Story of Change and Success, Mr. Syed Akbar Ali Shah

3. Under-representation of Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) Education and Careers, Dr. Ayesha Masood


1215 - 1330

Session 9: Agriculture and Water


Chair: Dr. Jehan Bakht, Vice Chancellor, University of Swat


1. Agents of Change: An Opportunity Which Transformed an Industry, Dr. Aman Ullah Malik

2. Implementing Climate-smart Dry Chain Technology for Seed and Food Security in Pakistan, Dr. Irfan Afzal

3. Coping with Irregular Water Supplies and Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Quality in Rawalpindi City: Primary Data Analysis, Dr. Adiqa Kiani

4. Food and Energy, Mr. Ali Shahrukh Pracha


1330 - 1345
Closing Remarks and Group Photograph
1345 - 1430

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