Ms. Tayyaba Razi Azeem's Profile

Ms. Tayyaba Azeem has a speech impediment and is an advocate for people with speech impediments. She has launched an initiative SpeakUp! through which she is making an app for people with speech impediments and is creating a support group for people with speech impediments. She completed her Master’s from Brandeis University in Finance. Tayyaba is currently employed at Lakson Investments and works in portfolio management.


Issues Differently Abled People Face at the Workplace

Differently abled people face discrimination in the process of hiring and promotions. Most differently abled people are ostracized by society and are unfortunately unable to get great jobs because society systematically marginalizes them, and they are unable to get high quality education. Even those differently abled people, who can succeed academically, are considered risky hires because of their disabilities.

I will discuss this issue from the perspective of multiple stakeholders: differently abled candidates/employees, medical practitioners, and employers. I will discuss the issues that differently abled Fulbrighters have faced particularly after coming back to Pakistan from the U.S., how the differently abled Fulbrighters were treated in the U.S. and how we can create a more inclusive and collaborative hiring and promotion policy.

Ms. Tayyaba Razi Azeem
Portfolio Manager
Lakson Investments

Fulbright Master’s
Brandies University




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