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Ms. Mariam Aziz is a Filmmaker / Digital Media Producer. She received her M.F.A in Film Production from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014 on a Fulbright scholarship.

Mariam has written, directed and co-produced numerous short films including the Cannes Film Festival Cinefondation 2014 winner, Skunk; and The Vigil, a multi award-winning documentary about the survival of classical dance in Pakistan. She was one of 12 admitted candidates to the University of Texas at Austin’s Film Production M.F.A. Before her M.F.A, Mariam spent eight years producing and directing critically acclaimed programs for names like Dawn News TV, Eye TV Network (Hum TV), Indus Music and MTV Pakistan. The most popular of these programmes was Urban Sketches, a short documentary series portraying “misfit” individuals that found a resilient adventurous way to turn their circumstances into a positive contribution to society. Recently, she has been directing and producing innovative digital content for local organizations including the AKU Examination Board, while developing a feature length documentary about women and public space in Pakistan, and a new short narrative script.


Rethinking Social Change

Leading change is hard. It is not only physically taxing, with high stress levels and long hours taking a toll, it is emotionally difficult. People may resist our ideas, no matter how good they are, and stall our efforts. At times it is tempting to get out of the game. Noorulain Masood (Fulbright Scholar 2009), founder of Center for Social Innovation for Developing Countries (CSIDC), is passionate about cultivating leadership that will bring about social change. Mariam Aziz (Fulbright Scholar 2014), filmmaker / digital media producer, wants to harness agents of change through storytelling. They invite you to stay in the game, show you why you need to stay fully engaged, and how you can be more effective at deploying yourself in times of uncertainty.

Some of the brightest minds at Harvard and MIT are thinking about how people can be better at the practice of leadership. We bring in their perspectives using clips of their talks and presentations. We string together what we have seen and learned here. The presentation is also peppered with on ground footage to make a case for doing things now and doing things differently.

Ms. Mariam Aziz
Film Director/ Producer

Fulbright Master’s
University of Texas, Austin




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