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Ms. Maham Kirmani is a Fulbright Scholar currently working in a development sector project that serves to improve the education sector in Sindh.

Maham received her undergraduate degree from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) where she received a BSc Honors in Anthropology and Sociology. She then worked at Interactive Research and Development as a Research Associate on a project that worked to establish linkages between various health related social endeavors.

Maham went to Boston College to pursue a Master in Social Work-Macro. During her two years in Boston College, Maham studied policy and policymaking, nonprofit management, and social innovation. She also was involved with local nonprofit organizations where she assisted a program that trained teenagers in becoming social justice leaders.

Since her return to Pakistan, Maham has been involved in an education sector project which provides support to the government of Sindh to build their capacity in a variety of ways.


How My Fulbright Master’s Demonstrated the Importance of Working with the Government to Generate Change

Many young people in Pakistan are disillusioned working with the government. Projects led by private citizens and organizations are seen as the only way to make lasting improvements to the lives of the most marginalized in Pakistan. Before I left for my Fulbright Master’s, I held similar ideas. It was after my experiences in the United States that I began to appreciate the importance of working with the government to enact change. My Master of Social Work degree was instrumental in reshaping my understanding about the role of the government by showing that important changes that affect a large amount of people require government’s support. Thus, when I returned to Pakistan, I started working at Sindh Capacity Development Project. This project is working on building the capacity of government officials and supporting them in drafting and implementing policies to improve education for the children of Sindh.

This presentation maps out my personal journey in viewing and working with the government in the development sector. It starts out with some myths held about government. It then focuses on my experience during my scholarship which changed the way I thought about the social sector in Pakistan. It will then highlight the USAID Project I am working on. And finally, it will mention some lessons we have learned while working with the government. My goal with this presentation is to focus on ways young people can make a difference while working in coordination with the government to ensure effective policymaking and implementation.

Ms. Maham Kirmani
Quality Assurance Specialist
Sindh Capacity Development Project

Fulbright Master’s
Boston College




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