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Ms. Khaula Rizwan completed her Master’s in Special Education from Boston University on a Fulbright scholarship. While in the U.S., Rizwan interned at a disability organization, Center for Applied Special Technology in Massachusetts and as a pre-practicum teacher at a Cambridge Charter school. Currently an inclusive education consultant with an educational startup, Rizwan is supporting out of school, at-risk children with learning difficulties through low-cost educational tech products.


Moments of Truth

According to Sebenius* (2009), there is a 60% chance that when we talk to a randomly chosen person from a country X, he/she would display characteristics that are outside the centrally representative range. We believe that the Fulbright Exchange enabled us to experience several moments of truth that helped us relate strongly to this idea that we cannot presume certain characteristics about specific cultures; that when we talk to someone from another culture, we do not talk to an average of characteristics, we talk to an individual with a unique set of characteristics. Such moments of truth have changed our perception of how we view people from other cultures and how these individuals view us.

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Through an extempore style narrative, we will share what each one of us had similar or very different moments of truth. Those moments of truth defined more succinctly what Pak-American friendship meant for us, especially through our rich interactions with members of the American community, both within professional and personal niche. Those interactions were a game-changer. They also brought out those hidden assumptions we kept inside us that we cannot be much more than what we were when we landed in the U.S. Contrarily, these moments of truth not only altered our beliefs about ourselves, but also how we viewed Americans in general in different contexts through shared academic and cultural exchanges.

*Sebenius, J.K. (2009). Assess, Don’t Assume, Part I: Etiquette & National Culture in Negotiation. (Working paper). Harvard Business School.

Ms. Khaula Rizwan

Fulbright Master’s
Boston University




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