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Mr. Haider Fancy graduated with dual Master’s in Education Psychology and Comparative International Education from Pennsylvania State University in 2013 on a Fulbright scholarship. He works as a teacher and a development professional with a focus on improving the education outcomes of disadvantaged communities in Pakistan.

He is currently the Chief Strategist at the Nasra School System, looking after the expansion of the schools, the development of the organization and any new initiatives. The schools have doubled in number since his joining, will double in student strength again by 2018 and double again by 2019. Here he develops the expansion strategy including the backend structure to allow NPS to grow while maintaining quality and affordability, while developing plans for future impact investors to come in and successfully exit.

At the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) he worked closely on programs that support the development, ratification and launch of provincial education strategies in Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan, introduce innovative ICT solutions, improve the learning outcomes of students, and closely works with communities to increase opportunities for girl students. Demonstrative of this was AKF’s work in the conservative district of Diamir where attitude and behavior change initiatives, and a contextually sensitive school model was adopted by the Government allowing over 7000 girls to go to school for the first time.

His relationship management and communication skills help AKF secure funding opportunities from donors like DFID, DFAT, USAID, UNESCO and corporations like Mitsubishi. With interactive research and development he developed an e-training platform for its field staff, and successfully advocated to link it to their future promotion opportunities. His core strengths developed through his professional experience are in project development, design and oversight, strategy engagement, relationship management, and resource mobilization. He is primarily interested in utilizing the theories of behavior change to influence the thoughts and actions of communities to guide them towards more harmonious, moral, and productive lives.


The Nasra School System: A Case of Social Impact Entrepreneurship Solving Public Challenges

For the purpose of this talk I will briefly discuss new Social Impact Models of spreading low cost quality education to the communities of Karachi that need it most. The Nasra Public Schools (NPS) was born in 2004 as a social enterprise with a mission to provide affordable quality education for K-12 to boys and girls from low income families. It has been built on the legacy set down by the Education Trust Nasra Schools (ETNS) system, founded in 1949; using it as inspirational springboard to continue the same mission. NPS’s strength lies in its ability to leverage the experience, expertise, support and synergies necessary to rapidly scale up and take quality schooling to the communities where it matters.

NPS has spread to some of the most densely populated regions of Karachi with religiously diverse, multilingual, and multiethnic communities. Here we cater to the deserving; the shop keepers, day laborers, mechanics, public transporters and low-level office staff; people who work hard striving to improve their children’s lot in life, with few options available to do so. With a pro-female hiring policy we bring employment to local neighborhoods and ensure that our schools remain sustainable and give back to the communities we are located in. With our over 300 employees spread over 16 campuses and growing; NPS currently reaches out to over 3100 students and continues to cater to Karachi’s growing 20 million population and beyond.

Mr. Haider Fancy
Chief Strategy Planning and Development Officer
Nasra School System

Fulbright Master’s
Pennsylvania State University




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