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Mr. Ehtasham Anwar is a civil servant belonging to Pakistan Administrative Service. He has served in important capacities such as Assistant Commissioner (Islamabad), Additional Deputy Commissioner (Islamabad), Additional Home Secretary (Punjab) and Deputy Commissioner (Bahawalpur). He is presently posted as Director General, Agency for Barani Areas Development, which is the development agency of the Punjab Government for 13 arid districts of the province.

He has a rich academic background, and in addition to being a medical graduate, is also a Barrister-at-Law from the United Kingdom and a member of prestigious Lincoln’s Inn. Prior to that, he had completed a Master’s in History, and LLB from Pakistan. He has also done his Fellowship in Law and Human Rights from the University of Minnesota, as a Hubert Humphrey Fellow.

Ehtasham Anwar is a freelance columnist too, and contributes articles to all leading English dailies of Pakistan mainly on the topics related to law and governance. He is also a regular contributor for Humsub—a widely read Urdu website. His writings are, and have been, archived here.


Initiatives Taken by District Administration Bahawalpur in the Field of Education

A comprehensive policy was followed by the District Administration Bahawalpur, led by me as the Deputy Commissioner, to address all ills afflicting the educational system within its jurisdiction. In addition to routine measures/steps, a number of initiatives were introduced which were, and still are, exclusive to Bahawalpur. A brief mention, along with authentic references, is as follows:

Conferring VIP Status on Teachers to Acknowledge Their Services to the Society

On the eve of World Teachers’ Day, i.e. October 5, 2016 the District Administration Bahawalpur decided to confer VIP status on its school teachers. It was believed that the symbolic move, on one hand, would enhance the stature of teachers and give a wake-up call to the entire society that it needed to realize the importance of teachers and the respect which we should give them, and on the other, place an obligation on teachers too to perform their duties in wholehearted and devoted manner. An especially designed/printed card was issued to give effect to the VIP status. In addition to the symbolic recognition, material benefits had also been attached with the cards, as follows:

  • Dozens of businesses and service providers, including transport companies, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, retailers, etc. entered into partnership agreement with the District Administration whereby the holders of these cards – the teachers – would be given up to 50 % discount.
  • The transport companies would offer them special and priority seating.
  • Doctors and other such service providers would attend to them without any prior appointment.
  • Government offices would strive to arrange one-window facilities where the teachers would not have to wait in long queues. So, on and so forth.

Mr. Ehtasham Anwar
Director General, Agency for Barani Areas Development
Government of Punjab

Hubert Humphrey
University of Minnesota




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