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Dr. Eefa Tabassum is a Master’s of Public Health graduate of the Johns Hopkins University with a concentration in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and a certificate in Global Tobacco Control.

While in the U.S., she was a part of a study aiming to understand electronic cigarette use in smokers and non-smokers in “vapers” in Baltimore, Maryland published in BMC Public Health. The study aiming to provide insights in to uptake of electronic cigarettes as well as understanding the perceptions and behaviors of emerging electronic cigarette use in different categories of smokers – former, current and never smokers.

Eefa was also a Research Assistant at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, engaging with the community to link individuals with Hepatitis and HIV to care and counseling them to positively impact health behaviors through safe practices.


Bringing the Taboo in to Tobacco

The presentation aims to present the differences in perceptions of tobacco use and legislation surrounding tobacco use in the U.S. versus Pakistan. Public perceptions regarding passive smoking, “personal space”, smoking restrictions in the workplace have shifted in the U.S. – the same cannot be said for Pakistan. With the emerging trends on shisha, electronic cigarette use, and generally “image building” opinions regarding use of these, less stringent advertising as well as dependence of tobacco taxes on the national exchequer, the public and the government continues to have a relatively softer approach towards tobacco use in Pakistan.

The harms of the tobacco industry to public health are immense – and contribute tremendously to the burden of disease. Studies have shown that public opinions surrounding anti-smoking legislation have led to decline in prevalence rates of tobacco use. My presentation will discuss differences in public perceptions regarding tobacco use in the U.S. and Pakistan – and the implications of such.

Dr. Eefa Tabassum
Program Manager
Post Campaign Monitoring Polio

Fulbright Master’s
John Hopkins University




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